You are loved, No Matter What.

Hello there friends!

I have a question for you...have you ever felt like your world is falling apart? Like nobody cares or even loves you anymore? Maybe a boyfriend or friend rejected you (I've been there, it is hard), or maybe you are just feeling like there is no purpose to life anymore.  Whatever your feeling, I have one thing to tell you that I believe without a shadow of a doubt...You are loved, by the King of all Kings, Jesus Christ. 

That being said however, I know how incredibly tempting it can be to feel like God doesn't love you or to also want to blame Him when things aren't going the way that we want them to. I remember going through the motions in my teenage years: "If God is "good," then why is he letting my entire world fall apart?" as well as thoughts about my self image such as If God is "good," then why has he allowed for me to have such a horrible weight problem?" (That's another blog post.) And even today, it is tempting to blame God for my problems, since I did just recently lose my job.

But you see friends, one thing always stands in the midst of my problems. Because of my personal relationship with Christ, I trust that He loves me and that He is working for my good. When my world is falling apart, I believe that God is redirecting me and that He has a better plan. When people reject us, I trust that God is removing that person from my life because they aren't a part of His specific plan for me.

So this one goes out to you, my lovely friend. I want YOU to know that you are loved, no matter what. If you don't know Jesus, then trust me, He wants to know you. He finds you quite interesting, actually. You are loved, no matter what. If you need prayer for anything at all, head on over to my contact page and send me an email. 

In Christ,