Review of Girlz 4 Christ Magazine

Today I am writing a review for GirlZ for Christ, a magazine that provides girls with positive, relevant, and encouraging materials for girls as they grow in the Lord! I am so happy that their editor Jessica Lippe reached out to me and asked me to do this review!

First things first, I can tell you right off the bat that this magazine is extremely encouraging! It provides so much material that girls can relate to and apply toward their individuals walks from the Lord. 

In one of their recent magazines (pictured above, John Luke and Mary Kate from Duck Dynasty are featured so I was really excited about that! I am a HUGE Duck Dynasty Fan.

. In their magazine, they have discussions about things such as why attending church is important for your walk with the Lord, which I love because it gives girls the opportunity to reflect and really think about what is important.  They also featured Macey McClain from the I am Not Ashamed Movie, who played Rachel Joy Scott in the film. It was awesome to read about her experience with the movie.