When God speaks..


I'll never forget the day when I heard the audible voice of God speak into my soul.

It was indescribable. No one around me could have heard it, but I did it. It was the Holy Spirit.
My best friend asked me: "Jessica, what do you think of when you think of Jesus?"

I looked at her, not really sure of what to say. Then, at that exact moment, God spoke into my soul:

"Jessica....You have run from me for so long. I love you. Please come back to me."

My heart nearly exploded. I had no words. God, the creator of the universe just spoke into my soul and told me He loved me. He had probably tried to reach me years before, but this time, being in the desperate place I was in, heard Him so clearly.

In that moment, I had two choices: I could respond to Jesus by choosing to finally accept Him into my heart and begin a relationship with Him, or I could ignore that undeniable voice, and move forward with my life without Jesus. Thankfully, I chose option A. In that moment, I accepted Christ into my heart. I was done living life without the help of God. I was a train wreck, I knew I needed supernatural help. And you know what? That is true for every single one of us. We all need God, whether we admit or not. We ALL have the option to choose Jesus or not. 

That is the beauty of the free will that King Jesus gives us. He does not force us into a relationship with Him. He wants it to be genuine, and from the heart. He wants us to understand our deep need for Him.

As we continue with our Christmas celebrations, I can't help but think of all the people out there who have not yet accepted Christ into their hearts, and are still living their lives apart from King Jesus. I have continued to pray for all of those people in my life that do not know Christ.

I would encourage you this Christmas season to make a list of all the people in your life who do not know Christ. Start with your family, then think of your friend and workplace relationships. Pray for these people everyday. Pray for the powerful love of Jesus to overflow into their heats. Keep inviting them to church. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move!!!! 

"Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere." 
Ephesians 6:18

Love you all.