How Religion Distorts Genuine Faith

When I was a little girl, I went to church as many other young people do. The Church I went to was like any other church: we participated in Sunday school, talked about God, prayed, ate good food...the usual church routine. However, that is all that it was: just a routine. I remember feeling as if I was in some type of social club. The people around me seemed to model an attitude of Self-Righteousness. It was as though, they thought they were better than everyone else because they could quote the most popular Bible verses at just the right time, and make their lives seem the most put together.

I do not remember discussions about a relationship with God at my church growing up. Everything was centered on reading the Bible (not a bad thing, but again it was never connected to a relationship with God). This self-righteonessness that I saw in my church back in the day really shaped my view of Christianity, in the worst way. I began to see Christianity as simply religion, versus a relationship with God. 

Seeing Christianity as just an act of religion, led me to a place of despair. And to be perfectly honest, I didn't really think about how Jesus came into the picture of faith. I knew He was some nice guy who healed people, but how could I apply Him to my life?

Through a lot of ups and downs, I learned that Jesus is THE main answer. We can and never will comprehend the grace of God without Jesus. He is the foundation of Christianity. 

So if you sat me down today and asked me what it means to me to be a Christianity, I would tell you one thing. 

I wouldn't tell you memorizing scripture (although this is great, but not key), I wouldn't tell you to be nice to people and to do good things, I wouldn't tell you to serve, no...I would tell you that a relationship with God is above all of these things, and it is the most important aspect of Christianity. We each need to know Jesus on a personal level, to experience Christianity for all God intended it to be. 

When I began to see Christianity as God intended, a relationship with His son, this is when I began to want to pursue a lifestyle of faith. This is when everything began to make sense. This is when God suddenly went from distant, to near. 

Let go of religion. It won't last and it will leave you empty. Grab on to a genuine, authentic, relationship with Jesus.