The Emptiness of the Party Scene


It’s Halloween weekend! And before you begin read this post, whoever you are, I just want to remind you (or just simply tell you), how crazy Jesus is about you. God desires nothing more than to know you intimately. If you don’t know Him this way, then trust me, He wants you too.

Anyways, onto my post. It’s Halloween weekend, and I know many of us are having fun dressing up and enjoying time with friends. However I also know there are many of people who are in college (or maybe a little younger/older than this time frame), who feel pressure to drink excessive amounts, and make some serious mistakes.

I went to Oregon State University after all, so I know how the whole party scene goes. Oregon State is an amazing school (GO BEAVS), but because it is a large university + in the middle of no where, it’s easy to get bored and wander off into the party scene. That being said, the first two years of my college experience, I made some serious mistakes when I gave in to the pressure of the party scene.

People make the party scene seem super desirable, when all it does is leave you empty. I remember going to party after party, getting super drunk + hooking up with boys, telling myself eventually “this would satisfy.” And you know what? It never did. Each time, I knew deep down within my heart that I was filling a void in my heart that was meant solely for Jesus. I was searching for something meaningful in all the wrong places.

However, I get it. When you’re immersed in this party culture, it’s easy to think “what else is there to do but get drunk?” But the TRUTH is, there are plenty of fun things to do than don’t leave you with major regrets the next day. Things like: having a costume party, drinking lots of cider + eating all the candy with your friends, hitting up the corn maze, dancing all night, the list goes on…the point? God isn’t boring. He sure as heck is going to give you people to do fun things with if you just step into that trust zone with Him.

I also think if you’re in this spot where you’re thinking “well, what else but partying?” then it is important to check your community. Who are the people you’re spending the most time with? I know that one of the main reasons leaving this scene was hard + confusing was because the people I was surrounding myself with were not followers of Christ and genuinely loved getting super wasted and making bad decisions. It was a lifestyle for them. As soon as my Thursday afternoon class was over, I was getting asked to shot gun a beer with all my sorority sisters. When I talked relationships with these friends, girls expressed caution if a guy didn’t want to sleep with them the first month of dating. The point? It’s going to be really hard to maneuver away from this scene + also discover fun things to do other than partying if you don’t begin to intentionally surround yourself with people NOT immersing themselves in this culture. For me, Young Life was my way out. I met plenty of Christian friends there.

I hope you know that this post isn’t intended to bash someone like you who could be trapped in this scene. This post is written out of love, knowing how depressed and hopeless I was in this scene. My deepest desire is for someone to read this who is trapped in this scene, and for God to begin to do a work in their heart.

Please also know that if you made some mistakes, there is always grace for you. When you simply confess your mistakes to God, He forgives you right then and there. There is no sin that God won’t forgive, sister, and you are crazy loved by Jesus no matter what you do. I encourage you to get real with God and begin to press into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ if you haven’t already. He didn’t just drag you to this post for any reason. :)