Finding Purpose

I think we can all admit that we want to find meaning and purpose and this life. Why am I here? Why was I born? What is the meaning of life?

I remember asking myself these questions in my high school and early college years. I'm not going to lie, during this phase of life, I found meaning in my relationships with others. Which is not necessarily a bad thing...however it eventually became an idol to me.  I worshipped popularity. My best friends were all in the popular crowd. I had a crew of girl and guy friends at school and we would just do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. 

And what happened? People began to let me down. I started to realize that I couldn't place my whole entire purpose in the people around me. But being my naturally stubborn self (still am by the way, work in progress!), I didn't want to acknowledge how God played a role in it all. Even though I grew up going to church, I think part of me wanted to hold onto my sin more than a relationship with Jesus. And when I say sin--I mean the intentional kind. Partying all the time, hanging out with boys I shouldn't have been...rebelling. 

College eventually came around, things didn't get too much better either.  Same sin, same mistakes. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how sin seriously hurts our relationship with Jesus? I know I'll be dealing with it my whole life, but thankfully I am in a relationship with Christ now and can continuously be refined. Before Christ, it was ugly. 

Anyways, I hit an all time low in early college. I just knew I needed help. Someone was missing, and that was Jesus. I finally laid down my pride, and accepted Him into my heart at age 20. Best decision of my life. 

And what happened? I began to find purpose in every single step. God showed me how much he cared about every single detail of my life. Events in my life as simple as going to the grocery store were divine--I would run into someone who I hadn't seen in awhile and feel led to pray for them. And the big things too had so much purpose--God eventually led me to pursue my M.A. degree in Communication and I found such a purpose and a peace in that. This eventually led me to the job I have today--a college professor! 

So if you're reading this and feeling like you have NO purpose. That is a lie. Your purpose lies in the plans that God has for you. And His plans are good. It won't be perfect, but it will be beautiful. If you don't know Jesus yet/haven't accepted Him,  He wants to know you. Trust me. All it takes is one simple prayer to begin pursuing a life with Him.